News, Events, Birthdays, History - November 13 - November 19


Robert FultonRobert Fulton, November 14, 1765
Fulton was an American engineer and inventor who is widely credited with developing the first commercially successful steamboat. In 1800 he was commissioned by Napolean Bonaparte to design the Nautilus, which was the first practical submarine in history.

Georgia O'Keeffe - November 15, 1887
Described as one of the greatest American artists of the 20th century, Georgia O'Keeffe was born at Sun Prairie, WI. In 1924 she married the famous photographer Alfred Stieglitz. His more than 500 photographs of her have been called "the greatest love poem in the history of photography." She painted desert landscapes and flower studies. She died at Santa Fe, NM, Mar 6, 1986.


Lewis and Clark Expedition Reaches Pacific Ocean - November 16, 1805
Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery reached the Pacific Ocean on this date. They had glimpsed it on Nov 7, moving Clark to write in his journal: "Great joy in camp! We are in view of the Ocean, this great Pacific Ocean which we have been so anxious to see. And the roaring or noise of the waves breaking on the rocky shores ... may be heard distinctly."

Suez Canal - November 17, 1869
Formal opening of the Suez Canal. It had taken 1.5 million men a decade to dig the 100-mile canal. It shortened the sea route from Europe to India by 6,000 miles. An Anglo-French commission ran the canal until 1956, when Egypt's president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, seized it.
Rotary Phone

"Push Button" Phone Debuts - November 18, 1963
How far we've come! Push-button telephones went into service as an alternative to rotary-dial phones. Touch-tone service was available as an option at an extra charge. This option was available only in two Pennsylvania cities - Carnegie and Greensburg.
Do you think any teenagers would remember the rotary dial phone?